Updates, Apr 25-th 2017

Call for tasks

I plan to push a new version of the codah.club website (late May/early June). Plan is to organize a series of contests (maybe 4 by-weekly ones). The timeline will depend on both finishing up the work on the website and preparing enough tasks. If you are interested in preparing tasks for the contests, please email me at poozh@mit.edu with a short description of the task(s). Ideally, I'd like to have 20-30 tasks prepared before scheduling the release.
Updates, Feb 15-th 2017

New server

Is setup and functional.

Storing submission results

Will be enabled in the next 5-7 days, however, all submissions will be regraded once a new website is pushed to production (see previous updates).

New website

I'm (slowly) working on re-designing the website (minor visual updates, and major code refactoring). The current design is not sustainable - full of old technology and spaghetti code.

Updates, Feb 2-nd 2017

New server

Just received a (VERY) powerful server from a z-trening member (honoring his desire to stay anonymous :) ) - Thank you! (I feel so proud :P)

My plan is to try to setup the new machine and push a dev version of the new website this weekend.

Will need to re-calibrate the grader due to different specs of the the machine.
Updates, Jan 28-th 2017


I have implemented a totally new grader based on isolate. I'm still working on fine-tuning the grader, thus the grading results are not stored in the database. Also, you might encounter some glithches from time to time. I will be open sourcing the code after a thorough cleanup. Still looking for a right licence though.

Next steps

Most likely, after I'm satisfied with the grader, I will be re-grading all submissions. This is to ensure the accuracy of the fastest solutions. This, however, might result in failure of some submissions that have previously passed all the tests. In some cases, due to update of the compilers, some previous submissions might not even compile. The number of such cases is relatively small, and I will implement a mechanism for the users to be notified of such cases, and given chance to modify the code and re-submit. This would typically involve adding missing includes, and changing variable names not to use reserved keywords.

Suggestions and feedback

I'm open to any suggestions. Let's use this forum board for discussion.
Updates, Jan 23-rd 2017


I think most of the pages are correctly served now. Registration, password reset, etc.. should all work. If you encounter an error, please email me at poozh@mit.edu


Expected to become functional in the next 2 weeks
Z-Trening (Codah Club) is back!

Site functionality

I have managed to recover all data, from all old z-training servers. In the meantime, many things have changed, and z-training doesn't just run out of the box :) Recovering the full functionality (and possibly adding new features) will take some time, so please be patient. I'll try to keep the list below (current status and planned work) up to date.

Current status

- New server built (more powerful than the old 4 servers combined...)
- Latest production version of PHP code was deployed - full of deprecated PHP code, and constants specific to the previous setup.
- Production code from the other servers (grading, storage, etc..) is currently being deployed.

Next steps

0. Get rid of the PHP fatal errors (make sure all pages are served). Basically, going throigh the codebase, fixing the depricated functions, and old specific constants.
1. Recover grading functionality (needs grading and storage services refactored).
2. Recover chat (needs some redesign b/c of depricated memcache functions) 3. Recover task setup (special instance of a grading server was running to service these requests, needs refactoring)

Call for help

I expect to bring all (most) of the functionality up in not too distant future. The code I wrote 10+ years ago needs serious refactoring (or full rewrite in some cases). Both PHP and C++ (main languages used) had been greatly modernized, and I might have learned a thing or two (not more) about software engineering in the meantime. So my plan is to slowly re-implement feature by feature, with more efficient and better implementation, adding new features in the meantime. Any help from previous z-training users would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

One last thing

Seems that someone had grabbed z-training.net in the meantime :( I never liked the .net extension anyways, so I decided to re-brand the website as Codah Club, where Codah is pronounced exactly the same as my fellow Bostonians pronounce 'Coder'.
Also, I won't send mass emails, to let people know that the site is up again until it's fully functional. If you know other users, let them know that we are back in business.

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